This senator made a super violent comment about Hillary Clinton, and we’re shaking our heads

In a word, this election has been straight-up horrendous. And things just got worse, if you can believe it. Why? Because North Carolina senator Richard Burr made a violent comment about Hillary Clinton. Though he’s since backtracked, we’re still pretty icked out. Plus, we’re pretty concerned about the fact that this election is pushing people to such horrifying lengths that a senator would threaten Hillary Clinton, a presidential candidate. Like, we’re all freaked out about this election, and there’s a lot of election stress, but still. None of this is okay.

According to Business Insider, after noticing that a magazine about guns had Clinton’s face on it, Burr made the strange statement. He remarked,

"I was a little bit shocked at that — it didn't have a bullseye on it."

Luckily, the senator apologized.

"The comment I made was inappropriate, and I apologize for it."

As Business Insider pointed out, his comments echo those made by Donald Trump earlier this year, where the candidate appeared to be encouraging supporters to shoot Clinton to stop her from becoming president.

What an election, friends.