This rustic DIY hanging leather shelf needs to be your easy project this weekend

Even if the letters DIY strike fear in your heart, this DIY hanging leather shelf might tempt you to stare that nagging three-letter acronym phobia in the face and tell it to buzz off. Nifty tools like the DIY app Darby Smart can assist you, but you can also overcome the fear of flexing your craft-making muscle with simple projects like the hanging “shelfie” from Geneva Vanderzeil of A Pair and a Spare.

It only requires a few tools (scary word, I know):


But stave off your meltdown — it’s literally so easy. After cutting two equal-length strips of leather, you punch holes in the ends of them and nail them to the ends of the wood piece that will serve as the base of your shelf. After using the staple gun to attach the leather to the wood, you arrive at the most labor-intensive part of this project:

This is a cool way to update any space, whether it be your office, bedroom or kitchen. Personally, it provides an easy-peasy, quick fix to my cluttered bathroom counter that haunts me in my dreams.

The end result is a winner:

Check out the full tutorial below. Happy DIY-ing!