This robot can flip burgers, and we think we’re in love

It’s 2017. While we’ve seen plenty of robots at this point, we’re still pretty impressed by them. So of course, a burger-flipping robot was invented that’s knocking our socks off. Seriously, can we buy this thing and have him serve us burgers for the remainder of the year?

Since it’s more than appropriate, the robot — created by Miso Robotics — is named “Flippy.” Not only can he flip burgers, but he can also prep them and plate them. Really, he’s a dream come true.

(And yes, we know it’s a machine and not a legitimate “he,” but after seeing him work, it’s hard not to humanize him a bit.)

Of course, Flippy wasn’t created due to our personal love of cheeseburgers. He was created to help out restaurants. He’s a hospitality robot, and his mission is to make every chef’s life a little easier.

Watch him in action, and prepare to feel a little hungry.

In the video, we can see Flippy flawlessly cook up some meat. Not only does he cook burgers perfectly, but as Miso Robotics state, he’s “polite” around other staff members. Kindness will always conquer all.

We’re also pretty intrigued by Flippy’s software.


This is one advanced bot.

But, here’s another thing we’re excited about — it seems like Flippy is only the beginning, as far as cooking robots go. We definitely got the impression that the company was hard at work with other “kitchen assistants” that will probably enhance the culinary world significantly.

Next time we eat a burger (probably this afternoon) we’ll be thinking of Flippy.