This ridiculously stylish pic of Sara Foster and her daughter is actual #MomGoals

For those of us who hope to be moms one day (or already are!), it can be pretty helpful to have mother-daughter duos we aspire to be. If nothing else, it’s pretty fun, and too, it helps temper the stress as we imagine what motherhood will be like. Will we be exhausted all the time? Will we be BFFs with our little ones? And, on a lighter note, will we wear matching clothes? Our dreams say yes, and now we have some serious mother-daughter inspo thanks to Sara Foster and her daughter!

While sisters Sara and Erin Foster are ridiculously talented in their own right, fun fact: the Fosters are step-sisters with Gigi and Bella Hadid! Yeah, this is one seriously talented crew. And now they’re giving us even more fam goals, because, OMG, this pic of Sara Foster and her daughter is actually *so* precious.

Yesterday Sara Foster’s sister, and fellow starlet, Erin, posted a photo of Sara and her daughter, and they look so, so cute.

In the photo, Sara and her daughter wear perfectly matching outfits. In their denim skinnies and green bomber jackets topped with sassy expressions, it’s honestly so adorable. Naturally, the caption is just as epic as the photo. Erin wrote,

"Game recognize game."

But the cuteness didn’t end there.

This selfie of Sara and daughter Josephine is giving us all the warm and fuzzies.

That sweet little baby face!!

For major, major FOMO, here’s a shot of the Foster sisters *and* the Hadid sisters!

Yep, the FOMO is real.