This restaurant has an all-avocado menu, and we must go there immediately

Regardless of whatever obstacles they encounter out in the big, bad world, avocados can always count on us to welcome them home with open arms – and mouths. Some people don’t quite understand our obsession with the green fruit, but this Brooklyn restaurant that only serves avocados totally gets it, and we must go there immediately.

We’d like to think this establishment is a not-so-subtle response to the London restaurant that banned avocados altogether, but it’s probably not. However, we just needed another excuse to shade them for that decision because WHO DOES THAT?!

Well, certainly not the avocado-only restaurant in Amsterdam or the genius behind this new Brooklyn spot because they clearly understand that this is an avocado world, and we’re just living in it.

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As Uproxx reports, Avocaderia — the self-proclaimed “first avocado bar in America” — is the creation of Italian native Francesco Brachetti, his cousin, chef Alberto Gramini and a friend Alessandro Biggi. The trio’s restaurant opened its doors this month and offers a menu full of dishes made from organically-grown avocado, which according to their press release, includes “breakfast and lunch bowls, salads, toasts, smoothies, and of course, guacamole.”

The array of avocado dishes were created with various other culinary cultural influences in mind, including the use of Duqqa from Egypt, Mexico’s Pico de Gallo and the Japanese spice Shichimi.

Sounds fabulous!  If anyone else needs to be convinced of why we should never stop eating avocados, allow this mouthwatering menu to be the deciding factor.