This Reddit user’s makeup brush hack involves a $5 Ikea hanger

The Makeup Addiction subreddit is likely one of the best beauty subreddits going, as users share ingenious tricks you probably haven’t even heard of. And of course it’s also a goldmine of brush tips, especially since one Reddit user uses an Ikea clothes hanger to dry her brushes. It’s not only genius but it’s affordable too!

You probably wouldn’t think you could use a clothes hanger to dry your makeup brushes, but Reddit user KiraChoffee seems to have mastered the trick perfectly. She shared a photo on the Makeup Addiction subreddit, showing how she used an Octopus-shaped clothes hanger from Ikea to dry her brushes faster, and more effectively.

Drying My Brushes

Of course, other Reddit users were obsessed, asking why they haven’t thought of this sooner. Seriously, we couldn’t agree more!

The trick really lies in the special Ikea PRESSA Hanging dryer ($4.99) as it allows you to clip on your makeup brushes like you would normally with clothes.


And although you would think that the small clips would leave dents in your brushes, Reddit user KiraChoffee assured other users that the hanger wouldn’t wreck your brushes at all. However, she did stress the importance of using this on smaller travel-sized brushes, as it may break bigger brushes with thicker handles.

Hot tip: it looks like this hanging dryer is sold in-store!


We won’t lie in saying that we are completely obsessed with this amazing tip, as it usually takes a good few days to dry our brushes, even if we leave them out, or have them standing up in a cup. Seriously, we can’t wait to see what other tips the geniuses lurking behind the Makeup Addiction subreddit come up with!

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