This rap will catch you up with all six seasons of “Game of Thrones”

Are you prepping for the seventh season of Game of Thrones? So are we. But if you’re a little hazy about how things ended, you might not have to do a massive re-watch before the big day. A fan created a Game Of Thrones rap that’ll help you catch up in just a very short amount of time. Since the last season ended all the way back in June of 2016, it’s definitely good to have a catchy little cheat sheet to keep you up to date.

Created by Ryan Tellez of The Warp Zone, the “Recap Rap” goes through the entire run of the show thus far. While the song is definitely funny, it’s not the safest tune to blast at work — so, keep that in mind.

Let’s just say that the song doesn’t sugarcoat some of the plot lines. Since the song goes by pretty quickly (we mean, the rap covers a lot of show hours) we’re especially happy that the video includes captions.

We’re also digging the sense of humor around Joffrey, especially since his scenes also made us want to punch the television screen.

 The Warp Zone is a channel that focuses primarily on sketch comedy and pop culture. While they’ve done Recap Rapz for a few series (such as Harry Potter and X-Men) they also focus on acapella theme songs and videos which explore topics like, “what if Disney characters had Facebook?”

As for Game of Thrones, the show will (finally) return to HBO this Sunday, July 16th.

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