This quiz will generate your mermaid name, and what are you waiting for?!

If you grew up watching Disney, reading fantasy, or just living in your own world of wild imagination through ages seven to 12 (or let’s be real, to…RN), then you probably created a semi-mythical/magical name for yourself at one time or another.

Which is why we’re bowing down to Cosmo for creating a quiz that generates your mermaid name.

That’s right! For all you Little Mermaid obsessed, fantasy-loving gentle souls out there, there is now officially a way to find out what you would be called were you born as a mythical mer-creature under the sea! FINALLY!

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All you need to do is plug in the street that you grew up on and the name of your first pet (it’s basically the same as finding your porn star name, but, you know, more magical?). And the mermaid name generator will do the rest! Seriously, GENIUS Cosmo. We’re officially bowing down.

You can take the quiz for yourself here.

And remember, it’s okay if you don’t love your new mer-name. It’s just a game (slash you can always plug in the name of your other pet, or like, the street name that you live on now).

via giphyNow excuse us while we go try this name generator on everyone we’ve ever met in our entire lives.