This question about pants is destroying the internet

The internet is full of answers, but it’s also full of questions. And sometimes those questions lead to seriously intense internet discussions/debates/full-fledged cyber wars. The latest important question posed to the internet is about pants. Specifically, if pants were to wear pants, how would that look?

You might remember back in 2015 when Maxim editor Jared Keller tweeted a photo originally created by an admin of the Facebook page “Utopian Raspberry – Modern Oasis Machine,” aka UR MOM. The photo asked how a dog would wear pants if dogs wore pants.

And of course the internet freaked its freak.

But after taking a very brief poll, the internet managed to come to a conclusion that dogs would wear pants on two legs, because they’re obviously civilized animals.

Well, fast forward to now, and a similar type of question just arose again. Twitter user Bobby asked the internet how it would look if pants wore pants. And people are losing their minds.

Most seem to be confident that pants would wear pants the same way a human would, since pants have two legs. But not everyone can agree how that would actually look.

Here’s what we’ve concluded: We have absolutely no idea how pants would wear pants. Both options make sense, and we’re fine with just not knowing.

But then this guy had to go ahead and pose an even bigger question, and now our brains hurt.

This is obviously the reason why dogs don’t wear pants and pants don’t wear pants — because how?

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