This Puerto Rican woman started a greeting card company to pay off her student loans

We’ve all been there: searching tirelessly for a non-cheesy greeting card at the local pharmacy. Begging, yes begging, the cosmos to grant you anything but a boring, basic card. Where’s the originality? The Latinx fuego? The message that speaks to you? This can’t be it! Thanks to Bien Cool, your new favorite card company, you’ll never have to face this dilemma again.

Started by Josie Arroyo, Bien Cool came to life in 2015, after Josie needed a way to pay off her mounting student loans. She tells HelloGiggles,

"One night, the idea of creating a funny, edgy and non-traditional greeting card line hit my mind after I saw myself looking at the greeting card aisle at a pharmacy. I couldn't find any cards like the ones I was imagining in my mind. The next morning, I started working on Bien Cool."

The point of Bien Cool is to say what you want to say, how you’d actually say it. And while the Puerto Rican-based brand produces its cards in Spanish, the themes are universal.

If you need a card for your friend who makes bomb-ass coffee, you can just grab the card that says, “Nadie como tu me sabe hacer cafe,” which means “No one knows how to make my coffee like you.” Want to tell your mom how much she means to you? Let her know with the card that says, “Entre tantas y tantas vaginas, yo me alegro de haber salido de la tuya. Te amo, mami.” That translates to, “Out of all vaginas in the world, I’m so happy to have come out of yours. I love you, mom.” This is the world of Bien Cool, and we’re just living in it.

As for Josie’s favorite card? She says it has to be, “Ya no quiero pelear más contigo, ¡pídeme pardon!” [“I don’t want to fight with you anymore, forgive me.”]

“Asking for forgiveness is sometimes hard,” she says. “Giving this card to someone you care about is a funny and sarcastic way to break the ice and start that conversation in an easy way.”

Bien Cool helps infuse some sassy sentiments into your everyday life, not just holidays and birthdays. The founder’s goal is to become one of the biggest Latinx brands in the US, all while making people get some joy from their cards. And at this rate, we have a feeling that Bien Cool isn’t far off from that dream.