This viral pregnancy announcement video basically couldn’t have gone worse, and it’s extremely funny

Pregnancy announcement videos are usually up there with videos of soldiers returning home, surprising family members, and unlikely animal friendships as far as feel-good internet entertainment goes. Sometimes, however, such surprising news can, well, produce surprising reactions. A recent pregnancy announcement video did just that when it went from bad, to worse. Warning: this story contains a hilarious twist at the end.

It all starts innocently enough


This cute family of four was driving home from a decidedly good day when the mother of the two girls in the back seat decided to tell her daughters some big news. She built the suspension up first by asking if they wanted to know the parents’ “secret,” and finally announced, “There’s a baby in our belly.”



One of the daughter’s (the one in the orange shirt, as you probably guessed) reaction was immediately to yell NO! And start crying at the news.

The mom (who’s recording this all) responds with, “That’s not the reaction I was looking for,” and we are all like, oof. (At least one of the daughters is excited by the prospect of having a baby brother. That’s nice. She doesn’t do much to mitigate the rest of this trainwreck but hey, she tried.) But then, things get even WORSE THAN THAT.

Suddenly, the car jolts


You can hear the dad (the driver) go “oooh,” and then the car is silent for a second. Then the woman says to her husband,

"Did you just hit a dog?" 

His response? “No, it was already on the road.” SO ACTUALLY THAT WOULD BE A YES.

Suddenly the daughter’s initial reaction face to hearing the news about her mom’s pregnancy sums up this whole car ride:


The mom was, understandably, upset. But the dad? Well, he claims he had no way around the poor canine.


It’s probably safe to say that for the young girl with the orange shirt, that was the worst car ride of her life. Watch the whole video for yourself:

According to the video’s description on YouTube, the mom ended up having twins! She wrote,

"Life is never dull, that is for sure.. Have a laugh with our family 😂😂 Hope you enjoy! 💜"

Life truly is never dull, especially when your surprise pregnancy announcement videos end up surprising everyone.