This pizza order prank will teach all of your indecisive friends a lesson

We’ve all got that one friend who is routinely indecisive when it comes to food choices. When it comes to picking a restaurant or selecting pizza toppings, he or she is frequently known to say, “I don’t care,” “whatever,” or “anything is fine!” (And, uh, some of us are the guilty party when it comes to this habit.)

But one guy decided he’d had enough, and this pizza prank will teach all of your indecisive friends a lesson.

Reddit user Riding Keys shared the story of a guy whose girlfriend refused to pick a pizza topping — so he enlisted the help of the delivery person

He asked that they bring an extra empty box that had “whatever” written in huge letters.

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"Please send me an extra empty box that has 'whatever' written in big letters on it because that's what my girlfriend said she wants," the disgruntled boyfriend wrote in the "Customizations" section.


To borrow a phrase from Cher Horowitz, that prank was way harsh. The guy gets points from his creative sense of humor, but we sincerely hope he shared his own pizza with his indecisive significant other.