This pizza bath bomb looks so ridiculously real, our stomachs are confused

If you’ve ever eaten a slice of pizza so delicious, you wished you could bathe in it, the world has heard your beck and call. As Refinery29 reports, a popular Etsy brand has just revealed a pizza bath bomb that looks so realistic, the internet exploded with emotions consisting mostly of confusion and hunger.

Less than a week ago Bathesda Boutique shattered our preconceived notions about the relationships between food and bath time with a viral video of their fizzling pizza bath bomb, a refreshing (and confusing) sight for sore and hungry eyes.

The eerily on-point resemblance this bath bomb takes brings so many questions to mind. While the bath bomb itself quickly sold out from their Etsy shop, we have a feeling they’ll bring it back with the fury of a thousand hot pizza ovens.

Just look at how realistic this is, we’re shuddering in awe and longing.

But also, what does this smell like?! Will we smell like fresh-baked pizza after our bath time?

We can’t help but wonder if we’ll feel as sad watching the pizza bath bomb dissolve, as we do when regular pizza disappears.

This bath bomb looks like it’d cameo in a prank scene in a Disney channel original movie.

We can see a mischievous teen using this to trick their parents.

Hopefully they bring this bizarre pizza bath bomb back, so we can gaze upon it with confused hunger.

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