This picture of Jennifer Lopez kissing her twins is making us melt

Even though JLo is an extremely talented singer and actress, her top job is as a mom. In a photo she posted on Instagram, Jennifer Lopez is kissing on her gorgeous twins Max and Emme, and we can truly see how much love she has for these two.

The kids decided to visit their mom at the studio, where she’s been hard at work on a Spanish album. News of the album broke last October, since she’ll be collaborating with ex Marc Anthony, who she’s worked with musically prior to.

This is also Lopez’s first Spanish album since Como Ama Una Mujer came out in 2007, so she’s definitely due!

Since both parents are spending so much time recording together, it makes sense for Max and Emme to feel so comfortable in the studio!

We think this photo is super adorable.

Max and Emme will be turning nine this February, and we can’t believe how time has just flown by. JLo has had the “coconuts” nickname for them for quite some time, as she also used the term of endearment last year.

"You have brought me nothing but joy and happiness since the very second you were born," Lopez said last year. "I am so proud of who you are and the beautiful loving caring people you are growing into."

These two are, without a doubt, her world — and we know she’s such a great mom to them!

Jennifer Lopez continuously proves that you can still have an incredible relationship with an ex when you separate on mutual terms. While we’re not sure when Lopez will release her new album, we definitely can’t wait to hear it.

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