This photo of a face tattoo being covered up shows how Kat Von D’s makeup can pretty much cover anything

We can all attest to the superior quality of Kat Von D’s beauty line — there isn’t a bad product in the bunch! Her makeup is also a lifesaver when it comes to finding cruelty-free, vegan, high-end products. And there’s no better example of how incredible her beauty items are than an unbelievable photo a fan of hers sent in with her face tattoo covered up. You have to see it to believe it!

There’s nothing that Kat’s makeup can’t do — and this fan’s picture is proof! It’s not just tattoos that are easily concealed, it’s scars, bruises, ~ahem~ hickies, moles, pimples, and anything else you might need to cover up!

Have you ever seen anything quite like this? Behold the power of Kat Von D Beauty’s Lock-It foundation and concealer!

It’s completely gone! The lovely lady in the photo sent a message to Kat saying:

"I work in the corporate world and DO NOT know what I would do without your foundation and concealer to cover my tattoo and all around great coverage. Thank you!"

We totally agree with her about the coverage — it leaves our skin looking flawless no matter what issues we may have going on underneath it. Our pre-period pimples are no match for this bad boy. And we really appreciate how many different shades the Lock-It Foundation is available in. Everyone gets to share in the goodness!


Not only is there a Lock-It foundation, $35, but there’s also the Lock-It Concealer, $26, to help you get that effortlessly airbrushed look! You can get it as a créme or as a regular concealer, $25.


They’re both perfection.

And don’t you just love scrolling through Kat Von D Beauty’s Instagram page to see all the beautiful and wondrous ways that her products can make you beautiful? Let’s take a stroll, shall we?

All of these women are the epitome of #beautygoals!

Have you ever had to cover up a tattoo? If you are in the market for something that will do it, it looks like Kat’s Lock-It Foundation is the place to begin! We just can’t get over how insanely perfect this lovely lady’s skin looked with no trace of “Wayne!”

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