This lifehack will completely change the way you cook pasta

Okay, we just found the very thing you’ve been waiting for — and you didn’t even know it. This lifehack will completely change the way you cook pasta. Delish filled us in, and they were clued in by food author Harold McGee. Now, we can’t stop making pasta! Tbh, it ~is~ one of our favorite foods — from easy fettuccine alfredo pasta to finding a way to visit Pasta Wiz, a Harry Potter-themed restaurant in Brooklyn. But what about making pasta at home?

With this short video, our entire lives have changed. Instead of boiling water in a pot, then adding our pasta, this cooking method introduces us to something completely new. Drumroll, please…making pasta IN A FRYING PAN.

You can take a look at the pasta-making magic here.

OK — riiiiight?! A-mazing, and why did we not think of this sooner?! Thank you, McGee! Think of all the pasta noodles we’ve wasted over the years — undercooked, overcooked, you name it. And who would have thought we put the noodles in BEFORE the water?!

All this pasta talk is making us hungry, so brb as we go try McGee’s pasta-making method. It’s certainly a lifehack that we’ll use again and again. So, bon appétit!