This ‘Parenthood’ and ‘FNL’ Crossover is a TV Dream Come True

To: TV Lovers Everywhere

From: NBC

Happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S. – “Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.”

This is real life, people. Our Dillon Panther-loving prayers have been answered. NBC has merged two of the best shows in TV history (which are by the same creators, writers, and producers – so it makes sense), for a four-part webisode event. All four webisodes will air on between now and when Parenthood returns, following the Olympics on 2/27.

Now, we won’t get to see everyone (at least, I don’t think so), considering Parenthood fans have already had the pleasure of seeing FNL faces Matt Lauria, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Minka Kelly, and Michael B. Jordon in significant Parenthood guest spots. And since the brilliant actors behind TV’s most loved couple – Coach Eric and Tami Taylor, are so busy with their own projects and insanely successful careers, I’m guessing we won’t get to see them either. Although, you never know. Don’t give up hope, you guys!

But after catching the 2-minute preview, one particularly glorious appearance was for sure – Landry and the original members of Crucifictorious! Amber is busy organizing an off-the-books recording session at the Luncheonette for Landry (whom she continuously refers to as “Lance” – CLASSIC!), through a mutual friend. Max is there filming Amber and asking a million questions. She’s wearing an “East Dillon” tee-shirt under her maroon cardigan, the same cardigan Landry is wearing, and she’s running around the moment they arrive trying to keep their session as quick and organized as possible in order to hide it from Crosby and Adam.

And that’s all in the first two minutes. The full 18-minute webisode was released on yesterday and I won’t spoil another second for you. It’s everything we could’ve hoped for, and we still have three more webisodes to come.


Parenthood returns on February 27 on NBC. Thank you, Jason Katims, for keeping us wildly entertained with this crossover until then.


Featured image via EW