This nurse made an epic Adele parody video for “School Nurse Day”

We’ve always had a lot of respect for our school nurses, but never before has a nurse seemed so cool before. To celebrate School Nurse Day, this nurse made a parody of Adele’s song “Hello” for a video that’s quickly going viral.

Kelli Petersen is an elementary school nurse with an incredible taste in music. While, surely, most people celebrate such a holiday with flowers and verbal accolades, Petersen decided to turn it up a notch and let people know what school nurse life was really like.

We have a feeling that Adele would be so honored that Petersen chose her hit to sing along to!

We’re so impressed with the fact that she even managed to change the words to fit her situation. While there are so many quality lyrics in the song, we especially like “I go through band-aids for every elbow, finger, knee. When they go outside and run, and they trip on untied shoes, then I get all the fun.” Brings back memories.

We also have to give major props to the actress who played “girl with a tummy ache.”


Probably because we’ve been there — we haven’t had any worse symptoms, but just felt knots in our tummies based on stress. (Or, maybe we just needed a break from addition and subtraction.)

Since School Nurse Day is officially tomorrow, May 10th, we want to wish a very happy one to all the nurses out there. As Petersen illustrated, it’s definitely an interesting job to have!

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