This Nike store was totally trashed on Black Friday, and we’re shaking our heads

It’s that time of year for holiday cheer, gratitude, and family, but it’s also the season of one major holiday: Black Friday. Black Friday can be quite a disaster, with some people getting seriously injured and others giving into the madness of the day (or, well, days). But one store took a major hit that’s gone viral. A Nike store was totally trashed on Black Friday, and it’s one of those moments where all you can really do is shake your head. Like, really, guys?!

Apparently just super pumped about deals, and really not GAF about the staff that would have to clean up after them, Black Friday shoppers destroyed a Nike store in Seattle. It’s actually *so* shameful.

One tweet pretty much summed up our feelings about the issue.

Twitter user Iram wrote, "I hate people."

Pretty much the only response necessary.

For comparison, here’s what the store normally looks like:

We’re so sad right now. Why, people? Why?! How much work has to go into making that store look all neat and tidy just for a wave of thoughtless people to destroy the entire thing?

BuzzFeed talked to one Seattle resident, Larry Downer, who explained,

“I thought there was an earthquake that happened. It was unreal.

Downer continued,

“We start walking through from aisle to aisle, and you’re walking over orange boxes everywhere. People were just kicking stuff out of the way.

We know Black Friday is so much fun, you guys, but let’s make sure to keep in mind that the messes we make while we ~shop ’til we drop~ have real consequences!

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