This new ‘Younger’ clip proves season 2 is going to be even more wild

The second season of Younger is rolling out soon and it looks absolutely hilarious. Sutton Foster stars a Liza, a woman over forty who lies about her age to appear “hipper” with the times, and get a job. Younger pushes the envelope in the best way, and it’s not stopping this season.

A sneak peak teaser just came out featuring Hilary Duff, another star on the show, pitching a risque book to the company.


And that’s not all. Back in November the first promotional photo came out for the show’s second season…and I don’t want to speak too soon, but it looks like Liza and Josh might be getting back together? Like really-really back together? (Please, please, please, please!)

If you remember, Liza and Josh went through a rough patch when Liza finally admitted to him that she was not the 20-something who she had been pretending to be, but instead, a 40-year-old divorcee with a daughter in college. But by the end of the first season, Josh seemed to be pretty okay with it. And by the looks of it, the second season might feature him being one-hundred percent totally okay with it. (And remember, Josh wasn’t upset about Liza’s age —he was upset that she lied for so long.)

But although Josh is a total hottie, and we love Josh and Liza together, the best part of the show is that it honestly talks about women and their relationships, as well as their relationship with sex. And there are not a whole lot of honest depictions of women and sex in TV.

The second season premieres on the 13th of January, and I for one cannot wait to see what they come up with!

(Image via YouTube)