This new ‘Inside Out’ clip proves that pizza is actually an emotional pick-me-up

Inside Out is already posed to be our new favorite Pixar movie. Not only does it feature the amazing voice talents of the likes of Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling, but it’s literally about all the feels. The movie centers on the five main emotions of a little girl named Riley as she struggles to cope with her family’s move. Riley’s primary emotion is Joy, voiced by Poehler, but she’s sometimes struggling to maintain her spot as Riley’s dominant emotion as her human is struck by a major case of the moving blues.

Disney and Pixar just released a new clip from the movie that perfectly illustrates the way our emotions can yo-yo. Riley is having a blast with her family (JOY ON HIGH), then her dad is called into the office and her emotions take a nosedive. Joy isn’t ready to let sadness take over that quickly though; she scrambles for a recent joy-inducing memory: a new pizza place Riley saw on the way home. As soon as pizza is on the brain, everything starts to get better, proving that the world really does look better when viewed through pizza-colored glasses.

Check out the clip for yourself.

So, now we all know the three P’s to success and happiness: Pizza, Poehler and Pixar. We’d love to thank Inside Out for this delightful new look on life, but really, we’ve been using pizza as a pick-me-up for approximately forever, so it’s more like “thanks for confirming our life choices.” Either way, this clip only makes us that much MORE excited for Inside Out, which hits theaters June 19.

(Image via YouTube.)

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