This new cure for hangovers was inspired by South Korea

If you enjoy imbibing on occasion, you’re probably familiar with hangovers. And, if you’ve had enough hangovers, you’ve likely looked for a quick cure to feel better. Well, that cure-all product might just be an anti-hangover drink called Morning Recovery.

Developed by Sisun Lee, the product contains ingredients that are found in South Korea. The key ingredient? Dihydromyricetin, also called DHM. It’s an enzyme that comes from a Korean raisin tree. In fact, Korea sells a bunch of products containing DHM that have helped them tackle hangover pain for some time.

Morning Recovery already has an Indiegogo campaign that’s already exceeding expectations. The campaign launched on July 5th and has already raised 339% of their $25,000 goal. Wow.

Lee, who traveled with a team to Korea for inspiration, is one smart cookie. Prior to working on Morning Recovery, he’s worked with Tesla, Uber, and Facebook as a product manager. And since he claims to get pretty bad hangovers as a result of alcohol, he decided that it was about time for a real cure. Because let’s face it — we usually look up hangover solutions when it’s already too late.

The drink is meant to be taken either during the time of drinking or right before bed, which is easy enough. The drink will nullify the effects of a tough night out, and promises to make you feel good as new. Based on the chemistry of the drink, it’ll help your body flush out the toxins quicker and help your cells repair themselves faster. Sounds good to us.


Aside from DHM, the drink also includes Vitamin B, milk thistle, prickly pear, electrolytes, and taurine. Together, these ingredients will help battle all of the symptoms of a hangover — from anxiety to under-eye bags.

"Our goal is to help you get back your time. We want you to wake up the next morning feeling amazing and ready to tackle your day," Lee wrote on his website.

We’re sold.

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