This new Clarins makeup pen will totally remind you of your childhood

For many of us, our schooling careers involved a lot of drawn-out conversations with principals for clicking our pens too loud, or enthusiastically sniffing scented markers in math class. Now we can relive the meditative process of clicking a multicolor ballpoint pen with Clarins’ 4-Colour all-in-one pen which is coming out in January. (Except this time, we won’t have to languish in the principal’s office as a punishment for our obsessive habit.)

The innovative colored liner will switch up your makeup game by giving you three different eyeliner colors, plus one lip liner, in one marvelously clickable pen. You’ll be able to easily doodle on your face in whatever color you desire, or opt for a rainbow makeup look and incorporate all four of the shades in one go.

The lineup of colors include a bright sky blue, an earthy brown, and a classic kohl black for the eyes, and a natural beige for the lips.


The natural-hued lip liner is aimed to prevent lipstick from bleeding or feathering. So useful!

The Clarins all-in-one pen will be officially available the first week of January, so you can ring in the new year by reviving one of your childhood tics.


It will cost $30, which is pretty affordable considering it’s four products in one.

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Once this comes out, bathrooms all over the world will be filled with the sound of steady clicking.

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