This new beauty subscription service will help you recreate your fave YouTubers’ makeup using just one palette

We can all pay an annual or monthly fee for our favorite magazine or newspaper subscription and receive regular installments of the printed word. But what about makeup lovers who would like regular deliveries? Luckily for us, this new beauty subscription service fulfills all those needs while letting us copy one of our favorite beauty vloggers makeup looks. This is the only beauty subscription that offers a unique palette every two months, which are designed in collaboration with top YouTube beauty gurus. New York-based makeup connoisseur, Kelly Strack, is releasing the first ever beauty palette. The brand new makeup subscription service is coming straight from the bold and colorful brain of Kelly herself and it’s a makeup service called Deck of Scarlet.

For each palette that a customer receives, they’ll also have access to a makeup tutorial from a beauty blogger, who will show them all of the cool looks they can create with the palette. First up, is Kelly’s mesmerizing look.

This can make a world of difference for people who love the color wheel of a palette but aren’t sure how to apply it themselves.


The palettes themselves cost $30 and ship once every two months, so if you sign up for Deck of Scarlet you would potentially receive 6 palettes in a year.

However, before each palette is shipped, beauty gurus will release a preview and tutorial, so if you don’t like it, you can receive your money back for that individual palette! You also have the option to cancel the delivery service free of charge, at any point throughout your membership.

The very first Deck of Scarlet palette features a nice variety of peachy nudes and a vibrant green shade to make your eyes pop.


Are you already sold?! If so, check out the Deck of Scarlet website where you can peek more at the palette and sign up for the service!

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