This nail color trend from Korea might be the next big thing for your claws

It seems like we can’t blink without there being a new nail art trend hitting the Internet and leaving beauty aficionados scrambling to recreate them! Pumpkin spice, fall-themed, glass, negative space nails… the choices are endless. But leave it to Korea to come up with the newest look that might have us all running to our nearest nail salon:

Sunglass Chrome Nails!

According to Refinery29, celeb manicurist and Paintbox Creative Director Julie Kandalec spotted them while traveling in Korea; aren’t they out of this world!?

No stranger to the up-and-coming nail scene, Julie knows what she’s talking about!

So if she says that sunglasses-inspired chrome nails are next, we’re apt to believe her. We’re guessing it’ll go nicely with your sun goggles on your next ski trip.

In the meantime, you’ll be happy to know that the opalescent trend is still going strong!

Which trend are you most likely to try? Thank goodness that there’s a world of choices available at our literal fingertips!

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