This musical tribute to Steve Urkel is the ’90s throwback we need right now

Children of the ’80s and ’90s probably have a soft spot for campy family sitcoms. So, what better way to revisit the era than with this musical tribute to Steve Urkel?

While we’re sure that Jaleel White is just about tired of doing impressions of the breakout character, we’re sure he has a few fond memories of his time on Family Matters. The show spent many years on ABC, and their final year — back in 1998 — on CBS.

This fun little tribute was created by John D. Boswell, known best on YouTube as Melodysheep.

Just uploaded yesterday, it already has over 16,000 views — and it’s climbing the charts pretty quickly.

It’s almost like binge-watching the entire series in a little over 2 minutes! Urkel is definitely “bad to the bone,” without a doubt.

But regardless of Urkel’s “badness,” he isn’t the only one to get star treatment from Boswell. Boswell has also created videos for Spock, Steve Irwin, and a mix dedicated to Game of Thrones.

 When Boswell isn’t busy compiling footage of TGIF stars and fictional heroes, he works on an online video series called Symphony of Science. The series aims to combine science, philosophy, and music in a way that educates the world. The series has been featured on CNN, NPR, and even Adult Swim. So, it’s safe to say that between both projects, Boswell knows how to make a compelling video.

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