This mom was sent letters from her late daughter for a beautiful reason

A grieving mother was amazed to receive letters from her late daughter, months after she passed away from stomach cancer at age 21. There was something extra unique about the mail, however: The letters were addressed to her daughter’s future self.

Miho Nakamura wrote the letters to herself as part of a class assignment when she was 15 and 17 years old, her mother Sachi Nakamura told Buzzfeed News.

"They were apparently class assignments -- English classes she took from Mr. Kevin Wall. I imagine they were supposed to be mailed back to the writers 5 years later, but they were not mailed back until yesterday. Well, I guess that's because Mr. Wall [had] passed in 2013," Sachi wrote on Facebook.  "Perhaps someone found these now and decided to send back to each student who wrote these letters as they were meant to be."

Some of Miho’s classmates commented to say they’d also received letters from their younger selves.

“In both letters, she was talking about her future aspirations and hopes. All her aspirations and hope never came to [be] realized. That breaks my heart," Sachi said. "Yet so many people came to me and told me how she impacted their lives. Even though her life was short and a struggle, she still lived a full life. I am very proud of her.

We hope the letters brought Sachi peace and comfort.

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