This mom says a ghost was in her car, and you can actually see him

Whether or not you believe in the paranormal, this story is pretty cool. Melissa Kurtz, a mother of two from Florida, claims she has captured photo evidence of a ghost in the back seat of her car. A selfie of Kurtz’s daughter, Harper, caught more than just the teen’s smiling face. A ghost boy, leaning his head on the back window, can be clearly seen in the background of the image. Multiple paranormal investigators have studied the photo, and cannot debunk it.

Kurtz believes the ghost boy appeared, arm outstretched, to warn Harper to wear her seatbelt.

Harper took this photo seconds before the photo in question:

Kurtz told the U.K. news site, Daily Mail, that she didn’t notice the odd figure in the backseat until about a month later when she was going through her camera. “It was a real “Oh my god” moment,” Kurtz said. “I was really shocked by it, incredibly shocked. I ran into the other room and said to friends who were staying with me “you have to see this.” Everyone was awestruck.” Kurtz continued.

Daily Mail reported director of parapsychology, afterlife and paranormal studies at Eidolon Project Canada, Greg Pocha, was the one who first believed the ghost was trying to warn Harper about her seatbelt. He calls this search for paranormal motive, Spectral Profiling.

Kurtz agrees with his analysis. “[Her seatbelt] is something I yell at her about all the time,” Kurtz told Daily Mail. “I’ve had 13 traffic tickets in two years due to her not wearing one. She is very stubborn though – I’m always trying to catch her when she hasn’t got it on.”

“Where the picture was taken there was an automobile accident one year ago exactly,” Kurtz told Daily Mail. She continued, “when I looked into it, someone had been medevaced away in a helicopter. However they would not tell me any specific details when I enquired, which leads me to believe that it was a child.”

Pocha explained to Daily Mail, “ghosts such as the boy are prone to remain earthbound when the soul is literally ripped or thrown from the body in an accident.” Pocha continued, “chances are that he does not know that he has died. And chances are good that he will haunt this part of the highway forever.”

According to Kurtz, this isn’t Harper’s first run in with the paranormal. The 13-year-old beauty pageant participant is often joined by orbs in pictures. Kurtz believes ghosts are drawn to her because of Harper’s positive energy.

We may never know if the paranormal is myth or truth. But photos like Melissa Kurtz’s keeps the mystery of it all alive and well.

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