This mom posted pics of her post-pregnancy tummy to Instagram, and they’re so empowering

Earlier today, we gave Australian mom Haddas Ancliffe’s viral breastfeeding photo some major love. Now, we’re giving some of her other, post-pregnancy snapshots a round of applause.

In August 2014, Ancliffe gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Jonah and, since then, she’s shared several snapshots of her post-baby belly – stretch marks and all. Haddas posted her very first belly shot about a year after Jonah’s delivery and this is what she wrote:

The stunning photo:

Since then, Ancliffe has shared several post-pregnancy images and, in the process, she’s empowered not only herself. Many comments praise Ancliffe for sharing this part of her life. Other mothers state that, after seeing Haddas’ images, they feel less alone. “Starting now, I’m going to post lots of saggy, stretchy tummy pictures, in hopes that in some way it would make it easier for others to feel comfortable in their skin,” wrote the mom about 7 months ago (and she’s kept her promise).

“My body is stretched, sagging and uneven but I’m still attractive.”

“I am flawed, I’m not always confident but I am living and breathing and full of love so I have no reason to be down on myself. Same goes for all of you, whether you’re a mommy or not, if you’re alive you are nothing short of beautiful.”

“Just like every other body, you are full of wonder and worthy of love. Thanks for keeping me alive after all I’ve put you through, I promise I’ll take care of you and feed you lots of good food to show you my gratitude. With love, your tenant.”

Here’s to loving our bodies and celebrating what they’re capable of.

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