This mom explained the concept of infertility to her 7-year-old, and his response is heartbreakingly sweet

There are a few topics that are a little hard for kids to grasp. One, of course, being the struggle that many women face with infertility. According to U.S. News & World Report, around 12% of people face issues with their fertility, meaning that it affects more people than you may have thought. But it’s a topic that often doesn’t get talked about quite enough.

Mom Shelby Eckard had to explain infertility to her seven-year-old son Parker after he watched her cry over a friend’s ultrasound. And while she didn’t get into the specifics (since that’s kind of a lot for a seven-year-old to process), she did make sure to tell him that while babies are incredible, sometimes it’s a hard process to bring one into the world.

Eckard explained what happened through Instagram, and Parker’s reaction is simply priceless.

"I mustered up my strong mom voice and told him, 'yes, babies ARE awesome. They make hearts happy and homes feel full and are the greatest present a person can ever get,'" Eckard wrote. "Having a child is like looking forward to a birthday. You know the time for it is coming. And for some reason, for some, those 'baby days' don't come when they're supposed to. Or ever. And it's like waiting on a present and not knowing if you'll ever get it."

Even though she was on the spot, we think this was phrased beautifully. Eckard also noted that it took quite some time for Parker’s younger sister to make her arrival, due to a PCOS diagnosis. So while her daughter was worth the wait, Eckard can truly relate to the infertility struggles that many of her friends were facing.

After the talk, Eckard found her son coloring on the floor. Her lesson made him feel inspired to do something kind for the women who were struggling to get pregnant.

"I want those ladies to be happy, too," Parker said. "I want them to get their presents. I can't give them a baby. And I thought maybe they can borrow my sister for a little, but I can't drive and I'd miss her. So I am drawing them pictures as presents. Maybe you can send them to them for me? When they're sad? I don't want them to give up. I want them to be happy."

Cue waterworks.

While Eckard has one sweet and caring son, her post is also important for many other reasons. For one, women going through fertility issues should know that they’re not alone. Her story also proves that often, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

We have a feeling those pictures will be making many women smile.

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