This mom and dad’s Halloween costumes seem innocent at first — until you realize what they really are

When you’re a parent with little ones, you may dress up in a family-friendly Halloween costume to go trick-or-treating. But when you’re a parent with grown-up kids, you can get a little more wild with your costume. And that’s exactly what this dynamic mom and dad duo did before their Halloween party and their cleverness is going viral. This duo dressed up as a pickle and a deer. Why so scandalous? Let us explain.

While the idea of being a pickle and a deer definitely seems innocent (and random) enough, their daughter Brooke Bogin shared on Twitter the true meaning of her parents’ costumes and it’s completely hilarious and a little dirty.

Since tweeting the picture of her parents in their Halloween garb, the image of the pickle and the deer has gotten nearly 80,000 favorites on Twitter. Yet, it’s not really the costumes that are so remarkable, it’s the epic word play behind them. As Brooke explained, “Mom and Dad before their Halloween party. He’s a dill pickle. She’s a female deer. Together they’re a ‘dill-doe.’ And also my heroes.”

A lot of people claim that their parents are their heroes, but Brooke has every reason to mean it, thanks to her puntastic mom and dad, Karen and Scott. As Brooke explained to BuzzFeed News, the idea for the Halloween costume was her dad’s and he understandably couldn’t stop laughing after he came up with it.

“I thought the idea was hilarious and I was really proud that they are my parents and doing something so witty, so I just wanted to share it with my friends," Brooke told BuzzFeed.

While the Internet has lost its collective mind over the sheer genius of Brook’s parents’ dildo costume, you might be considering stealing the idea for your own couple’s costume before Oct. 31st. And Scott is fully aware of this missed opportunity to make some money. “My dad said they should have invested stock in some pickle costumes,” Brooke said to BuzzFeed.

So if you see a lot of pickles and deers wandering around this Halloween, just know that those costumes aren’t as pure as they seem and that you’re in on the joke.