This model shared a picture of her cellulite to remind us it’s both natural and normal

Let’s talk about cellulite. A lot of us have it, but it’s often in places we don’t really showcase. And while it makes us feel bad at times, it’s important to know that even models have cellulite. If you want proof, look no further than Charli Howard.

Howard is a Muse model as well as the co-founder of the All Woman Project, which inspires women to share powerful pictures with the hashtag of #iamallwoman. And in Howard’s recently talked-about photo, she’s embracing womanhood in a pretty incredible way. She’s accomplished a lot at the ripe ol’ age of 26.

This isn’t Howard’s first time standing up for women who feel body-shamed. Really, she’s an inspiration for women everywhere.

Her words about cellulite are incredibly real. We often feel the same way about it.

"Despite the fact I speed walk everywhere, squat, run and occasionally do @pure_barre, I'm still left with cellulite," she wrote.

In Howard’s eyes, posting the photo was scary — because it’s a side of her that people rarely see. She admitted that she only realized that many women have cellulite until later in life. Prior to, she thought it was something to be ashamed of.

"It wasn't until I got older and saw other women's bodies that I realised HOW BLOODY NATURAL IT IS," she noted. "It's nothing to be ashamed of. Your boyfriend isn't gonna care if you have it, and if he does, dump him for his mate."

(Have we mentioned how much we love this woman?)

Of course, we also love the fact that Howard isn’t shouting from the rooftops about her cellulite. Instead, she’s developed a very real, very healthy relationship with it. She’s not in love with it, but feels like it’s nothing women should feel bad about. It is what it is. And really, it’s refreshing that she thinks that way — it only makes her more relatable.

Next time you’re feeling a little nervous about your body, consider taking Howard’s approach. To the ladies, remember — you’re all woman.

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