This minimalist ear makeup is strangely beautiful, and artsy AF

While 2016 brought with it many unique beauty trends, one of the most unexpected beauty trends was ear makeup. But what exactly is ear makeup? Ear makeup is not painting ears all over your face (and, well, TG for that!), but is instead literally putting makeup on your ears. The ear makeup trend blew up at New York Fashion Week, and has since migrated to Instagram, where it continues to survive in its own, strangely lovely circles.

When we came across this new way to rock this lovely trend on Instagram, we were instantly on board. It’s super minimalist, so if the thought of trying the trend makes you cringe, don’t worry! Ear makeup isn’t only for the runway, and this look is proof.

See? How gorgeous is this trend? We never thought we’d be putting makeup on our ears, but here we are, folks.

We seriously heart this so much! Created using gold pigment from MAC, this is *such* a unique way to use your makeup, and it will definitely make you stand out in a crowd without being too jarring.

When we saw this look, we were reminded of this other delicate gold style.

In this shot, you can see the makeup hangs lower and looks more metallic, and less glittery, than the previous look. We love this just as much, though!

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