This may be the biggest Starbucks Frappuccino of all time, and whoa

Today in things we’re super excited about but also seriously question: the tallest Starbucks Frappuccino we’ve ever seen. Because sometimes, you just need a little extra whipped cream.

Instagram food expert @EatWithPanida ordered a venti Green Tea Crème Frappuccino at a Starbucks in Thailand. But instead of adding the normal amount of whipped cream, the barista layered on enough whipped cream to literally make the beverage the tallest Frapp ever.

We’re pretty sure no human needs to consume THAT much sugar, but it certainly makes for a captivating Instagram photo. EatWithPanida shared the photo and wrote that it cost her 190 baht, or about $5.

Which means she didn’t even pay extra for all that whipped cream! She beat the Starbucks system, so high fives all around.

Here’s the Frapp:

It kind of reminds us of a certain hair do…


We’re guessing she was able to score the extra whip for free because she’s a food blogger, but hey, it never hurts to see if your barista will do the same for you!

Here’s a video of the barista layering the Frapp with SO much whip.

It’s pretty mesmerizing to watch. And probably even more exciting to eat/drink. Since October is generally the month of consuming as much sugar as humanly possible, this Frapp is either exactly what we need or exactly what we don’t need. We haven’t decided. But either way, there’s no denying that’s one huge pile of whipped cream.