This massive traffic jam looks like all of our worst fears realized

If you think the traffic jams in New York City and Los Angeles are nightmarish, you’re correct — but a massive traffic jam in São Paulo, Brazil truly looks like all our worst fears realized. On Februrary 2nd, Brazilian radio station BandNews FM shared an image of a seriously gridlocked intersection on their Faceboook page and we’re suddenly feeling intense anxiety just from looking at the photo.

The chaotic traffic jam was triggered by a lack of signals at the intersection thanks to a storm that caused flooding and fallen trees in the area.

One look at the photo will make us all think twice before we complain about the traffic in our own cities.

Drivers and pedestrians had a wide variety of reactions — some people resigned themselves to waiting it out, while others attempted to make stealthy escapes.

Images gathered by BuzzFeed show that a few sneaky drivers exited through side streets and the bike lane, and got entirely clear streets all to themselves.

(We see what you’re doing and we don’t condone it, but… we can’t entirely blame you.)

Some unfortunate drivers had no escape route — photos show them trapped with cars perpendicular to theirs, and even more cars directly behind them and next to their driver’s seat window. We sincerely hope these people aren’t claustrophobic because, oh boy.

Meanwhile, pedestrians responded with pure confusion. Is it too much to ask to simply cross a street without risking life and limb?

It’s been over a week — are these poor souls still stuck in this nightmarish traffic jam? We’re concerned.