This man made a skateboard out of toilet paper, and his pets are totally impressed by it

In today’s random internet find, here’s a video of a guy making a skateboard out of crushed toilet paper using a hydraulic press, simply for the sake of creating something new. While we’re sort of confused by this entire project, we’re admittedly impressed by this unparalleled display of ingenuity.

Thanks to a DIY master, we now know how to turn our old toilet paper rolls into festive home decorations, but what about that economy size pack of thin tissue you accidentally bought?

Now, we know you’d love to enlist your kitty in a round of cat vs. toilet paper to teach a lesson to those cheap, less-than-plush sheets that are, er, not all that kind to your backside, but this toilet paper skateboard is a decidedly better way to use those rolls without feeling like you totally threw away your money. Duh, you get a skateboard out of the deal.

We thought you would. So here’s how you take a bad situation and turn it into something useful (sort of, but probably not). You gather 20 rolls of toilet tissue (after all, this is supposedly going to support your body weight). Then you wrap them around like this:

The cat’s contribution isn’t necessary, but who are we to stop kitty from eagerly lending a few helping paws?

Anyway, after that’s done, you crush the paper with a hydraulic press because every visionary has one of these machines lying around waiting to be used on their latest, greatest idea:

After smashing down the paper, you add wheels and voilà! You have a toilet paper skateboard that will at least impress your pets:

Oof. So, we’re exhausted after seeing all the work that goes into this unusual paper creation. Good luck to anyone who tries this ambitious project, but after some careful reconsideration, we think that cat claw and toilet paper matchup is looking better by the minute.