This man is inhumanly good at walking in heels, and we are not worthy

Walking in high heels can be tricky — even for the best of us. And hey, help is on the way. Because this man is better at walking in heels than basically anyone else on the planet. And we’re taking notes.

Meet Sinon Loresca, an entertainer who has become famous on social media for his remarkable ability to strut his stuff.

Recreating the iconic walk of Maxine Medina at the Miss Universe pageant last week, Loresca was in top form as he modeled his butt off while walking effortlessly in heels. Oh yeah, and he was only wearing a speedo. Ready to pick up a few tips? Even if you prefer to rock a pair of flats, this is so freaking worth it.

Ummmmmm. This had 3 million views in one day! And there’s more where that came from. Don’t you just love the confidence of this guy? We dig it.

Clearly this dude’s got a healthy sense of humor. We’re kinda…swooning? And he dances in heels too! And we KNOW this is hard to do.

Wait, stop everything for a moment. He works out in heels? This is just too much.

Aaaaaand we’re talking about some seriously high heels. A whopping six inches. Damn!

Mind: Blown. We’re officially going to bust out our highest heels from the back of the closet, because they deserve another chance. Thanks for opening our eyes, Sinon, and being unafraid to go out there and be yourself, no matter who’s watching, no matter who’s saying whatever.

Major kudos! Feeling inspired right now.

H/T: Cosmopolitan

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