This makeup stamp gives you the most insanely perfect winged eyeliner and we are OBSESSED

Even though we’re completely obsessed with all things beauty and just love seeing what new and interesting things beauty brands come up with, it often feels like everything out there is a variation on the same old thing. It’s pretty rare to see something and be like, woah, game changer! So when it happens, you bet your bottom dollar that we lose our minds over it. Case in point: The Vamp Stamp!

The Vamp Stamp is everything we never knew we always needed!

Quite literally, it is a stamp that creates the most perfect cat eye we’ve ever seen! Will wonders every cease?

This is the kind of thing that all us beauty lovers dream about, but never actually thought would come true!

For now, the stamp will be available in two sizes so you can customize your wing to your own personal taste!

Could it be any easier?

The pen is double-sided, and each side corresponds with an eye, so you’ll never look wonky or lopsided.

No more uneven wings for us, ladies and gentlemen! Gone are the days of having to make our eyeliner thicker and thicker to accommodate our smudges and mess-ups when trying to create the perfect cat eye. Perfection is here. Mere mortals will weep at the sight of us, shielding their eyes from our greatness.

Even Liz Taylor, queen of the cat eye herself, wouldn’t believe it if she saw it. (Not that she needs any help in that department!)

The Vamp Stamp isn’t available quite yet, but you better believe we’ll be refreshing that website and stalking their Instagram so we can get our paws on it as soon as it comes out.

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