This makeup artist takes lipstick and eyeshadow swatches to a whole new level

Lipstick consumers, live for swatches and this popular Instagram makeup artist Daisy Weigt creates liquid lipstick art that belongs in the swatch hall of fame! Swatches are usually  a swipe of lip product on the inner forearm to show the actual color of the product and it’s when the shade is applied to the skin. However, Daisy is on another level, using brands like NYX, Cryptic Cosmetics, and Kat Von D Beauty for her intricate swatch designs.

Drawing inspiration from pop culture, Daisy has created swatch looks based on iconic movies like Mean Girls, Harry Potter, all of our fave Disney films, and more. She also does swatches where she incorporates cosmetics brand logos like ColourPop’s, Kat Von D’s, and Kylie Cosmetics’.

Daisy told Teen Vogue:

"I was inspired to do these swatches because I always grew up wanting to be different from everyone else, to have my own unique style. And this is no exception, I didn't want to do swatches like everyone else, so I decided to do fun art on my arm swatches."

We took about ten years to perfect our eyeliner wings so this girl is TALENTED!

She has also incorporated the use of a felt tip eyeliner, the New York Color liner in black, which is super pigmented and ultra affordable!

Her Stranger Things characters use more liquid lipsticks than are in our makeup bag!

Daisy is not limited to lippies, either, she also uses eyeshadows in her amazing designs!

She did an amazing stenciled swatch of the Huda Beauty’s cult fave eyeshadow palette!

And another of the Too Faced Honey eyeshadow palette!

We are so happy that there is a talented artist who loves liquid lipsticks as much as we do.

Follow Daisy on Instagram here to see more of her amazing swatches!

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