This make-up artist sent an amazing message to her depression using makeup and we’re here for it

Definitely, anyone who has ever struggled with depression can tell you that dealing with depression isn’t easy. Like many other mental illnesses, depression isn’t something you can cure just by walking outside or trying to have a positive attitude. But one thing that empowers many people with depression is engaging in self care. If you’ve ever questioned the powers of makeup when it comes to self care, get ready to have your mind blown. Why? Because this artist sent a truly impactful message to her illness using, wait for it, MAKEUP. And it’s actually so, so beautiful. We’re feeling pretty inspired to do the same!

Artist Pamela, an Atlanta-based makeup enthusiast, just rocked out worlds with this absolutely stunning look. We never would have come up with this on our own, but it’s awe-inspiring. This is a bold and brave look, and we have all the respect for Pamela.

The artist explained,

"[sic]you depression! I appreciate all of the love you shared in my post earlier, you're all so amazing to me."

Pamela continued,

"I'm hoping I can cope with my depression and anxiety better and continue to build myself artistically and emotionally. details❤️"

Like this awe-inspiring Halloween look.

And this seriously stunning lace makeup.

And this totally stellar look.

We’re so, so in love with this amazing artist! We have so much respect to this makeup artist for being vulnerable and open with us, and we’re definitely going to be scrolling through to see what else their feed has to offer.

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