This makeup artist creating a custom lip palette for New York Fashion Week is SO hypnotizing

New York Fashion Week is a whirlwind for those in the fashion and beauty industries, but the unsung heroes are most definitely the makeup artists who come armed to the gills with hundreds of products and ready to create whatever look is necessary. In an effort to simplify the process and the amount of products that she needs to bring, MAC makeup artist Cher Webb has been making custom lip palettes! The process is absolutely mesmerizing! We could seriously watch this video all day — if only it was two hours longer!

The makeup that the models wear during fashions shows unify the entire theme to help create a cohesive and comprehensive look that represents the spirit of the line. The more lipstick shades Webb has on hand, the better, and thanks to these awesome palettes she will most definitely have enough to go around!

How does she keep her hand so steady? If this were us that palette would be a MESS. It’s a very simple method, but this is really difficult to do! And we are lovinggggg the colors that she is picking out for that palette. That range of purples is beautiful, and we are so excited to see some silver and gold! Insanely glam, don’t you think?

MAC’s makeup artists are already at New York Fashion Week and creating some seriously spectacular looks. You can always count on MAC for the most innovative and glamorous makeup!

We love how cutting edge and artistic this look is.

And you know their products work just as well for more subtle looks as well!

Have you ever made your own lip palette at home? It makes sense as a way to make our favorite shades more portable, but we’d be so afraid of ruining them! It requires a serious amount of confidence in one’s skills and a steady hand.

MAC is going to be repped at several fashion shows this week, so we will definitely have our eyes peeled to see all the creativity that comes our way!

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