This lost dog followed his owner’s scent all the way to his office

A dog’s nose is a thing of wonder. With 300 million olfactory receptors, their sense of smell is like no other. Just recently, a lost dog used his sense of smell to find his owner — in somewhat of a miraculous way.

An Australian named Ryk Goddard, who works as a presenter on ABC Radio Hobart Breakfast, lost his dog Cleo during a walk. Cleo, a key member of his family, slipped out of her collar and happened to have her own little adventure. And while Goddard lined his neighborhood with signs, and posted about his lost dog all over Facebook, Cleo failed to show up.

But, this story has a happy ending. Cleo managed to find Goddard, instead.

You read that right. Cleo didn’t find Goddard back at home. Cleo found Goddard at work — a place where the adventurous pup had only been to maybe once before.

"Ryk's dog may have only been inside here once, may have only been outside here once, but a south-westerly wind blows from here up to the Domain and she would know," said dog trainer Scott Hunt, when the story was mentioned on ABC Radio Hobart.

What a good dog.

So, for those of you who have unfortunately lost your favorite furry buddy in a similar fashion? Make sure to leave your scent around your neighborhood  — it might lead to an equally sweet reunion.

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