This Lite Brite Rainbow hair trend is a major throwback to our favorite ’80s toy

It may be 2017, but the nostalgia of the ’80s is everywhere right now. From the throwback movies to the rise of the barcade, it is clear that the decade still has a hold on our hearts. We have seen a lot of makeup tributes to the ’80s and now our hair can get in on the trend too!

We are dying over this Lite Brite Rainbow hair, especially because it reminds us of mermaid hair!

In 2016, Pravana had a Show Us Your Vids contest in which hair magicians used colorful Pravana dyes. Winner, Neal Malek, drew inspiration for his new look from one of our favorite ’80s toys, but with a modern balayage twist. Our Lite Brite may be wearing dust in the attic, but we can now wear the glow on our shoulders!

Neal used an electric combo of Pravana Neons and Vivids hair colors to transform makeup artist and influencer Ashley Wagner into a living Lite Brite. That’s right, her hair GLOWS IN THE DARK. We need to make a hair appointment stat because these Pravana colors are wild!

Check out the Pravana Lite Brite Rainbow hair transformation for yourself in the video below!

Neal is so talented that he makes the rainbow transformation look like a breeze. He used black and clear to make the smoky backdrop for the neon and pastel colors to shine through.

We definitely recommend going to a professional for this hair trend. With such drastic hair changes, it pays to just put it someone else’s hands, literally!

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