This lip balm made me feel like I transformed into a fancy French girl

I’ve always had a thing for the effortless beauty of French style. Also, side note: I look good in a beret. So when one of my favorite skin care brands, Caudalíe, launched their French Kiss Tinted Lip Balm, needless to say I was intrigued.

I was lucky enough to try this fancy lip balm the day it launched at the Streicher sisters’ annual Bastille Day party at Striiike salon in Beverly Hills. (Striiike, FYI, is the same salon where our editor Anna Buckley got that bomb-ass beach wave). The party had delicious wine, trays of cheese, and towers of macaroons, but I made a beeline for Caudalíe’s lip balm display to try these babies for myself. And after I put it on my lips, I felt like I could speak French. Incroyable! Merveilleux!


This is Caudalíe’s first color cosmetics product, and the lip balms come in three colors: Addiction (bold raspberry), Seduction (soft rose), and Innocence (baby doll pink). My favorite is Seduction, and I’ve been wearing it since the Bastille Day party. It has a light vanilla scent and goes on sheer for a natural flush of color. I love a tinted lip balm, because I’m all about fast application when it comes to makeup. I don’t like to spend hours perfecting my cupid’s bow; I like to swipe on some color with my finger and call it a day.

Now for some science talk. Caudalíe’s skin care products use polyphenols found in wine grapes because of their antioxidants, and their lip balm also has this star ingredient. The balms are also made with aloe vera, beeswax and castor and sunflower oil for a nourishing, moisturizing effect.


Plus, it comes in the prettiest pot. But my favorite is the crème brûlée texture and the vanilla scent, so the whole experience feels like you’re having dessert in a chic little Parisian café.

Bottom line? Any beauty product that makes me bypass a cheese plate must be damn good.

Caudalíe’s French Kiss Collection ($18 each), is available now on Caudalíe’s website.

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