This laid-back kid in a bouncy house makes us rethink everything we thought we knew about children

Sometimes cynicism sets in earlier in life than expected. While most adults have been through enough setbacks and unfortunate circumstances to justify being a little jaded, we’ve stumbled upon a kid in a bouncy house who already appears to be totally meh about stuff that other kids get incredibly excited about.

According to The Daily Dot, super chill bouncy house kid is a seasoned 2-year-old veteran of life who is already too used to having fun to get excited over hanging out in an inflatable playland. When word spread about the world’s biggest bouncy castle, we could practically hear the chorus of OMGing and squealing from children all over the globe (and a few from us) because that’s the only appropriate reaction to that type of news.

Unless you’re this kid, who is apparently already cooler than his own uncle. #goals

LOL. That stone face has us dyinggg. From the professional hand-in-pocket pose and the flawlessly styled hair and clothing to the unflinching, unimpressed manner, this kid’s facial expression reads, “Been there, done that, got the bib. *yawns*”

Honestly, we’re kind of taken aback by his nonchalance. Like, who jumps this way?! Is he just all the way over the bouncy house scene or was this party planned too close to nap time? We have SO many questions.

We would like to think that beneath that stern, chubby-cheeked mug lies a well of endlessly flowing, unbridled kid joy. There just has to be…our faith in humanity relies upon it!