This Korean skincare brand is making their masks way more affordable while expanding their reach

With the abundance of sheet masks available at what seems like our fingertips, it’s easy to forget that they haven’t actually been in the US for that long! These days, we can get a wide variety of masks at different price points at stores or online, and thank goodness because we desperately need them! Even when we heard there might be something iffy going on with the development of certain kinds of masks we were reticent to stop using them. We are just so thankful to those valiant beauty bloggers that are putting in the work to get to the bottom of it! Now, there are of course high-end sheet masks that are a safer bet in terms of better quality and good hygiene, but the price point can be really daunting. Luckily, it seems like a top Korean skincare brand is doing their part to make their masks more affordable!

According to WWDMasqueology is making six of their sheet masks available in 3,000 different Walmarts across the country, at dramatically slashed prices.

The available masks include the Vita Clarifying Cream Mask, the Moisturizing Face Mask, the Special Care Mask, the Moisturizing Foot Mask, the Moisturizing Hand Mask and the best-selling Collagen Lifting Cream Mask!

Today, the masks are available for $2.50 to $4 per sheet, but you don’t need to worry about any changes in the products themselves. They’ll be made exactly the same as their more expensive counterparts found at prestige retailers.

This is the perfect solution to all our mask problems! Who could ask for anything more?

Not only are their famous masks now available at a more affordable price-point, but they’re expanding their line come early 2017!

You’ll be able to pick up skin-care products like their Bubble Cleanser and Hydro Booster Sleeping Cream, which sounds like an actual delight!

It’s great to see a high-end manufacturer making their products accessible for a larger audience. Everyone deserves to feel pampered, don’t you think?