This Korean-Chinese pop band’s music video is inspired by Lisa Frank and it’s heavenly

The Cosmic Girls are back! The thirteen-member Korean-Chinese group released a music video for their new song I Wish. Set in a magical land inspired by Lisa Frank, it’s like the fantasy world of every girl’s childhood from 1979 to the present time.

In the video the Cosmic Girls sing and dance through a brightly-colored unicorn habitat, sort of like if Stranger Things’ Upside Down was made of cotton candy and bubble gum.

With a peppy midi composition, the song is totally catchy. And the video is a total fairy tale, in which the girls perform choreographed dances in a pink maze, in a fluffy field, on a rainbow beach. (Someone should totally make a video game version of this music video! Has that ever been done before?)

They play video games on their phones, video conference with each other on their laptops, go fishing for smiley faces that turn into emojis, go camping under rainbow stars, perform pillowy Stonehenge rituals, perform the Mannequin challenge, and tee off toward the horizon.


Cosmic Girls made their debut in February of 2016 with their first mini album Would You Like? They released their most recent mini album The Secret in August of last year.

It’s totally timely, this video. An homage to the ideas, energies and creativity of the world’s youth with the enabling power of global technology. Okay, we’re waxing a little thetical, here. We’re just really into this video okay?!