This “Alice in Wonderland” tea party with kittens is the cuteness overload you need today

Disney’s digital series Disney IRL has only released a couple of videos, but so far, they’re straight up Disney magic. In the first video, we were treated to an IRL Dug from Up talking to park-goers, and now, we have a tea party. A kit-tea party, that is.

You could throw your own version of the Mad Hatter’s tea party, but we doubt it would be anywhere near as adorable as this one (sorry).

Here, Alice, the White Queen, and the Mad Catter (see what they did there?) are all kittens, white the Red Queen and Time are full grown cats.

The kit-tea party opens with the three little ones licking teacups, sniffing one another, and making those heartbreaking little kitten meows. They’re all dressed in costumes that they’re somehow not trying to escape – seriously, how are they not tearing those costumes to shreds? – though at one point the Catter looks like he wants to investigate (bite) the White Queen’s crown.

We’re also frankly surprised that none of the cats swatted teacups off the table, or destroyed anything just for the sake of doing so because, you know, cats.

Luckily, all the cats at the kit-tea party seemed well-behaved and overall, it’s a cuteness overload. All we want is to be invited to a kit-tea party, too!

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