This killer whale swam up to a boat like the friendliest little pal ever

We have nothing but heart eyes for whales, but our appreciation for the fascinating marine mammals also comes with a healthy dose of respect. We take experts at their word when they describe certain whale species as predatory, so seeing this killer whale swim up to a boat like the friendliest fish (yes, we know it’s not a fish) in the sea made us super nervous for all the people aboard the vessel. Ya know, given its reputation as a killer and all.

But just as scientists know why whales leap out of water, researchers have also discovered that wild killer whales don’t usually kill people. So with that knowledge in hand, we can breathe a huge sigh of relief and relax a little while watching this chipper wild orca play around with a group of boaters hanging out in the ocean.

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In the clip from Jukin Video’s Facebook page, a curious orca can be seen swimming up to a woman who attracts the animal’s attention by dipping her hand in the water. For the most part, the fish lingers near the surface as if to say “I’m ready for my close-up,” while opening its unbelievably large mouth, spewing water from its blowhole and basically acting like it’s nothing to have cameras thisclose away from its face.

What an experience! This guy obviously wasn’t all that interested in stirring up trouble. In fact, it seems like it was simply minding its business before stumbling upon some equally curious humans. Or it’s entirely possible that the big creature was in search of a possible whale photobombing opportunity.

Either way, we’re glad all creatures involved walked (and swam) away from this experience unscathed.