This Japanese stress relief trend lets you be a swaddled baby again

Remember when you were a baby and you didn’t have to deal with bills, work, and other stressful obligations? Well, me neither, but it sure sounds appealing at times. As it turns out, a midwife had the same thought, and came up with this Japanese stress relief trend turns you into a swaddled baby.

The therapeutic technique, called Otonamaki, is inspired by the practice of swaddling a baby, which is thought to reduce stress in infants because the method mimics the safety and security of a mother’s womb.

In the adult version, proponents of Otonamaki believe that wrapping yourself tightly in fabric will have a soothing effect because it focuses on working and warming the muscles.

One new mother, who tried Otonamaki to ease postpartum pain, told Reuters that she experienced warmth in her body and felt better after a 20-minute session.

If you’re claustrophobic and this practice sounds like your worst nightmare, you’ll be relieved to learn that some scientists and experts are on your side — they recommend not engaging in Otonamaki all.

It’s certainly a creative concept, but I think I’ll stick with my standby stress release techniques like exercising, meditating, and (my personal favorite) breaking out my collection of adult coloring books and gel pens.

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